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Stage Collar

Mechanical Stage Collar

Stage collar is a mechanical tool used to complete the cementing operation into two times. Stage collar mainly consists of two-stage coupling (body), first-stage plug, baffle plate, free fall opening plug (it is used when you use the non-continuous process) or pump-down opening plug (it is used when you use the continuous process), closing plug.

Product Description

Performance Features:

• Field adjustable opening pressures.

• PDC drillable.

• Standard tools are furnished with L-80 material suitable for sour gas service.

• Standard seals are rated for -15°F to +400°F and suitable for sour service and high pressure gas environments.

• Compatible with most annular casing packers.

• Robust lock ring design prevents sleeves shifting prematurely



• Can be ordered in configurations for two or three stage cement jobs.

• Plug sets for various different cementing application available.

• Tools can be manufactured with premium connections and special clearance outside diameters.

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