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Stab-In Float Equipment

Inner string float equipment allows for large casing strings to be cemented through the drill pipe or tubing when stung into the float shoe or collar. This reduces circulating times and pump rates while also eliminating the need to drill out large quantities of cement before drilling ahead.

Product Description

Our inner string float equipment is threaded onto the casing in the same manner as conventional float equipment, but contains a receptacle that is cemented in place to receive the stinger. The stab-in stinger’s connection is manufactured to the specifications of the drill pipe being used in the inner string cementing operation.

Primary Application

Stab-In Float Collar and Shoe are recommended for application where reciprocation of the casing is not required during circulation. As only one stab-in receptacle is needed, a stab in collar will be paired with a standard shoe, or a stab-in shoe may be ordered alone.


Performance Features:

• Cost effective and time efficient method for cementing large casing strings.

• Removes requirement for large diameter cementing plugs or heads.

• Decreases cement displacement time.

• PDC drillable



• Available in sizes 7” to 30”.

• Available in single and double valve configuration.

• Available in API thread or premium connections.

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