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Float Collar Float Shoe

Float Equipment with Plunger Valves

During cementing operations, float equipment is essential for preventing back-flow while also serving as a landing point for wiping and displacement plugs.

Product Description

The plunger valve is used in float equipment for applications where high flow rates, lost circulation materials (LCM) and/or extended flow rates are encountered.

The valve has a nitrile coated phenolic plunger for wear resistance and sealing of the valve.



PDC or Tri-Cone drillable.

Composite housing with one piece over-molded plunger.

Available with auto-fill option.

Available in double valve configuration.

API III-C rating; 24 hours of flow @ 10bpm, 5000 psi back pressure at 400°F.

Premium connections and aluminum plunger valves are available.


The following float equipment (float collar and float shoe) are available:


The float equipment is an all-purpose design utilized in applications ranging from close tolerance liners to full casing strings for casing sizes 4-1/2” and up.


Performance Features:

▲ Valve back pressure rated to 5,000 psi.

▲ Flow rating of 24 hours @ 10 BPM.

▲ Temperature rating of 400°F.

▲ Rounded cement nose provided as standard for guiding casing to target depth(TD).

▲ Nitrile coated plunger for abrasion resistance.

▲ Easy drill out of valve components.



▲ Non-rotating plate to match non-rotating plugs.

▲ Ball deflector.

▲ Available in single and double valve configuration.

▲ Nose options include: composite nose, aluminum bullet nose, aluminum eccentric nose, and aluminum spade nose.

▲ Side ports.

▲ Up/down jets.

▲ Auto fill.

▲ Orifice tube(s)

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