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Welded Bow Spring Centralizer Slip-On

Product Description

Welded Bow Spring Centralizer Slip-On

Bow springs manufactured from high quality spring steel and heat treated to achieve minimum starting and running force and maximum restoring force Starting and restoring force tests performed in our test facility ensure the centralizer consistently meets API Specification 10D


• Available in all common casing and hole size configurations.

• Available with set screws for integral stop.

Recommended For Use With:

• Stop Collar – Slip-On with Set Screws

Bow spring centralizer is used to keep casing in the central place of wellbore in cementing process, making cement to be evenly distributed around casing string. It has high restoring capacity, which is determined by the shape and stiffness of its bows.

Welded Bow Spring Centralizer Slip-On is suited for close tolerance well applications. The centralizer is manufactured to API RP 10D specification ensuring this centralizer consistently provides superior performance at the well site.

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