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Hollow Vane Solid Body Centralizer

Product Description

Hollow Vane Solid Body Centralizer

There are two kinds of hollow vane solid body centralizers. One has hollow vanes (blades) that are welded to a steel pipe, and the other is stamped from single piece plate. The vanes (blades) may be straight or spiral to provide sufficient contact with the wellbore. Hollow vane solid body centralizer is suitable for running casing or liners in unstable boreholes and rotation is desired.


The following hollow vane centralizers available:


Welded Slip-On Hollow Vane Centralizer


It is of welded steel construction and features hollow steel vanes with a rounded smooth profile; ideal for use in, highly deviated wellbores. Right hand vanes are provided by default.

Performance Features:

• Superior strength due to steel design that can withstand severe wellbore conditions.

• Rounded vanes slide smoothly over wellbore wall restrictions.

• Can be used in well designs where casing reciprocation and/or rotation is required.

• Spiral vanes promote fluid agitation to improve displacement of drilling fluids during cementing.


• Spiral vanes

• Straight vanes

 • Available in a variety of sizes and outside diameters

• Available with or without set screws

Stamped Solid Body Centralizer


Stamped Solid Body Centralizer can be used in both cased and open hole sections to provide consistent stand-off. It is recommended for use in close tolerance and liner applications. Performance Features:

• One piece construction with stamped vanes

• Vanes set at 17° to promote fluid agitation

• Cost effective

• Easy slip-on installation

• Allows for reciprocation and rotation during cementing


• Available in common casing sizes

• Available with or without set screws

• Available with straight vanes

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