Drill Pipe and Collar

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Drill Pipe and collar 

API 5DP drill pipe is a kind of steel pipe with screw thread in the pipe end. It is used for connecting ground rig equipment and drill grinding equipment at the bottom of drilling wells. The main purpose of drill pipes is to transport drilling mud to the drill bit. It rises up, lowers and rotates together with the drill bit. Its strength must withstand the pressure, torque, vibration and other forces caused by the drill hole. In the oil and gas exploration and refining process, API 5DP drill pipe can be used for multiple times. ZS provides a number of drill pipes available in various sizes and weights to meet the drilling needs of companies in the oil and gas industry. 

Functions of Drill Pipe
API 5DP drill pipe is mainly applied in oil and gas exploration and development, such as in the construction of deep wells, horizontal wells and large-displacement wells. Its main functions are as follows:
Drill pipes deliver torque and drive the drill bit to drill wells.
Exert pressure that can break the rock at the bottom of well on the drill bit.
API 5DP drill pipe transmits flushing fluid. Through the ground high-pressure slush pump or mud pump, drill mud enters into the inner hole of drill string, flows into the bottom of well to wash rock debris and to cool down the drill bit, passes through the annular space between the drill string outer surface and well wall (carrying rock debris), returns to the ground.

Drill Collars are one of the parts of a drill’s string. Drill for the Collars is meant to provide weight for drilling purposes. The Drill Collars are thick walled tube like pieces that are machined from solid steel bars, although they are often made from plain carbon steel or the non magnetic alloy of copper and steel or other premium alloys that are non magnetic in nature. Drill collar has bars of solid steel that are drilled from one end to the other to provide a passage for pumping the drilling fluids through the collar.
Collars that are available for drilling have an external diameter that is made of steel and can be slightly machine perfected for making sure of the roundedness. Drill Collars are sometimes perfected with the help of spiral Collars or helical shaped grooves. Drill threaded collar have connections that are male or one end and female on the other and. These are cut into a multiple collar that can be adjusted with screw along with other down hole tools. Drill helps make a bottom hole assembly or BHA.
Features of Drill Collar
Superior-quality green pipe&Advanced heat treatment process-High Strength& high toughness(especially under low temperature).
To meet or exceed requirements of the API 7-1,API 7G&IS09001.
Equipped with advanced inspection instruments and a strictly enforced quality controlling system,the final products are guaranteed to be of superior and stable quality.
Due to our professional technicians&product flexibility,we are capable of meeting some customer' s specific requirements.