Chinese Standard CYJ Serie Pumping Unit

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  • Date: 2016-02-26 10:08:40

Product overview

CYJ series type pumping unit is a kind of conventional beam pumping unit, sucker rod oil production operation is the most common, the most widely application scope a ground power unit.

Products comply with API Spec 11 e \"standard of pumping unit\", SY/T5044-2003 \"the beam pumping unit\" and other relevant standards, getting the API monogram license.

Company in addition to production of conventional beam pumping unit, to meet the requirements for oil saving energy and reducing consumption, and also the development are: phase-out beam-balanced pumping unit, such as interference beam-balanced pumping unit energy-saving pumping units.


Technical performance characteristics

1, the use of modular design and virtual manufacturing technology, product structure optimization, the components of high degree of standardization, generalization and seriation.

2, the key components in finite element analysis, stable performance, high reliability.

3, reducer using shunt type double circular symmetry or involute herringbone gear transmission, good sealing, low noise, smooth operation, reliable and durable.

4, the operation is simple, convenient maintenance, long service life.

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