Drive head with pc pump

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  • Date: 2023-09-12 16:08:02

1.0 Brief Introduction
      Surface Drive and PC pump (Progressive Cavity Pump) is a new type of artificial lift system, which finds more and more applications in the oil fields. Surface drive suspends and rotates rod string and power is then transmitted downhole, which in turn drives the PC pump.
     PC pump consists of two parts: rotor and stator. The high strength, chrome-plated rotor is the only moving part of the PC pump. The stator is a kind of tube with elastic synthetic rubber molded inside. A variety of elastomer is available for different applications. When rotor rotates in the stator, a series of sealed cavities are formed and these cavities move axially from the intake end to the displacement side. When one cavity disappears at the displacement side, a new cavity will form at the intake side. Trough continuous formation, motion and disappear of these cavities, fluid is then brought to the surface. Owing to their unique features, the surface drive and PC pump find wide applications in the oil fields, and they are strongly recommended for high viscous, sandy, gassy and water bearing oil.
Schematic drawing of surface drive and PC pump is shown in fig 1.

A Y serial three-phase asynchronous motor is screwed tight on the motor skid and by changing the location of the motor, V-belt tightness can be adjusted effectively.
Technical specifications are shown in table 1.

Explosion-proof motor, VF motor, VF Explosion-proof motor can also be provided. Protection grade is rated as IP55 for the conventional motor and explosion proof grade as dⅡBT4 motor shows wide speed adjust range from 0 to 100Hz.
2.2 RTM series surface drive specification: